Two certificates for tandem skydives at SkydiveTheRock in Beloit WI

Two certificates for a tandem skydive at SkydiveTheRock in Beloit WI for sale. I won these certificates (I live in Ontario, Canada) and can't utilize them, so that's your gain. The value of the certificates is $239 each or two for $478. I am asking $360 for both Certificates. They expire in November of 2019, so you have lots of time to use these Certificates or even give them as a gift as they are transferable. Tandem skydiving entails a qualified instructor strapped on and they control the jump. Great fun! As stated above, I am in Ontario Canada and can't use these myself. I joined this group to find an interested buyer. My telephone number is 1-613-743-2451 and the name is Michael
Updated 24-Sep-2018